Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Lucia Tormalina

Lucia Tormalina

“Would you feel better if I scratched behind your ears?”


Lucia Tormalina with her hand on her hip.
Age: 18
Occupation: adventurer, waterlemon farmers’ daughter
Likes: waterlemons, her companions, her companions scratching behind her ears
Dislikes: catnip, dogs, strangers trying to feel her ears, the Duchy of Middlesbrooke

Father: Amadeo Tormalina
Mother: Camilla Tormalina

Slips back into her natural accent: when she’s angry (so, a lot lately)
Not used to: life in big cities
No, you can’t: feel her ears

A lynx Wilderling from the small Natalian farming village of Galgano, Lucia Augusta Tormalina is now the youngest member of a group of female adventurers consisting of herself, the Aurorean sorceress Apolline Castor, and the Half-Troll Amazon Petra of Fulminata, reasoning that joining them would provide her with her best opportunity to see the world beyond her parents’ waterlemon farm.

Recent events facing Lucia and her companions within the city of Middlesbrooke have been a particular source of consternation for Lucia. The wealth and refinement on display in Middlesbrooke has left her feeling more like a simple country bumpkin than she ever has before.

As a Wilderling now living and travelling among largely non-Wilderling people, Lucia is bewildered the constant requests to feel her ears. Though, following her cat-like nature, Lucia does appreciate her trusted friends — and only her trusted friends — scratching behind her ears.

Having spent her early life on the farm with only a few visits to several of the larger cities of Natalis, Lucia often feels out of place among the citizens of large, wealthy cities and has difficulties navigating interactions with her group’s patrons or employers. Compared to her companions’ tactful diplomacy and taciturn stoicism, Lucia is outspoken and blunt, occasionally causing problems during negotiations.

However, Lucia recognises that her true contribution to the group comes in combat, supplementing Apolline’s magic and Petra’s raw strength and extensive experience with a blinding flurry of knives and claws. Additionally, her ability to adopt animal form always her to capitalize on opportunities and openings not available to her companions.