Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Mariposa Mendez

Mariposa Mendez

The Brotherhood of the Coasts’ silent and beautiful Butterfly of the Sea. Voted “Coolest Member of the Brotherhood” seven years running.

Mariposa Mendez, sitting on a large trunk, contemplating her sword.
Age: 40
Occupation: Pirate
Likes: her sisters, seeing her daughter succeed, supporting the other female pirates of the Brotherhood
Dislikes: talking about her past relationships, talking in general, the prejudices of her fellow pirates towards female pirates and single mothers

Daughter: Scarlet Mendez
Sisters: Manuela and Mila
Extended family: the Lyte children — Theodore, Matilda, Nolan, Adelaide, Rose, Henry, Sally

Impresses with her: Taciturn stoicism
Could do with fewer: screaming fans won over by her taciturn stoicism
Really leans into: the whole butterfly motif

Eldest of three siblings, Mariposa Mendez took to the sea at a young age to support her sisters and infirm parents. In time, Mariposa came to join the Brotherhood of the Coasts and began working as a pirate.

Facing skepticism and prejudices from the overwhelmingly-male membership of the Brotherhood, Mariposa found a powerful advocate and mentor in famous pirate Scarlet William Fitzpatrick, who unhesitatingly supported Mariposa during her early career and whose intervention silenced (occasionally forcefully) the naysayers.

In recent years, however, Mariposa’s hard work, loyalty to the Brotherhood, good looks, and cool, collected demeanour have won her many admirers both within the Brotherhood and throughout Realmgard’s coastal cities.

Mariposa’s promising ascent through the ranks of the Brotherhood as one of Realmgard’s most prominent female pirates was interrupted by the birth of Mariposa’s daughter Scarlet (named for her mother’s friend and mentor), following an ill-fated love affair with a male pirate whose identity Mariposa has never yet publicly divulged.

Though largely aloof, short-tempered, and slow to trust those outside her own family and close circle of friends, Mariposa nevertheless retains a cordial friendship and working partnership with former flame Dorian Darkstone (now a happily married father of two) and an ongoing close friendship with Scarlet William Fitzpatrick.

This continued relationship, though by all indications purely filial and non-romantic, has not escaped the notice of the other pirates of the Brotherhood of the Coasts and has fuelled speculation that Fitzpatrick is Scarlet’s father, though neither he nor Mariposa have ever confirmed — or even paid much heed in the first place — their fellow pirates’ speculation.