Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Matilda Lyte

Matilda Lyte

“I know how much this whole thing means to you, and what kind of big sister would I be if I didn’t offer to help you, my dear, sweet little brother, so magnanimously and selflessly out of the sheer goodness of my heart?”

Matilda Lyte.
Age: 21
Occupation: Assistant Captain of the Lyte Brigade
Likes: having the best hair in Porthaven, developing a care routine to ensure it stays that way, opportunities to make use of her talents
Dislikes: the service industry, getting gross smells in her hair, Nolan being the way he is sometimes

Father: Theodosius Lyte
Mother: Manuela Lyte (née Mendez)
Siblings: Theodore, Nolan, Adelaide, Rose, Henry, Sally
Cousin: Scarlet Mendez

Unappreciated: magic savant
Also: in general
Certain this is somehow: Nolan’s fault

The younger of Theodosius and Manuela Lyte’s first set of twins (her younger siblings Rose and Henry being the second set), Matilda Mariposa Lyte has up to this point felt she is squandering her talents and whiling away her life working in her parents inn and until her younger brother Nolan’s re-establishment of their grandfather’s famous Lyte, was consigned to living her life waitressing for her parents, doomed to have her beloved long, dark hair stinking like fish-on-a-stick.

Due to her magical abilities presenting at an age older than most magically-inclined individuals (including her own cousin Scarlet), Matilda’s formal magical training has been uneven and irregular, though her parents did hire tutors where possible.

However, her parents’ perceived unwillingness to allow her to pursue high-level Magicological studies has been one of the great ongoing frustrations of Matilda’s life. Despite this, Matilda has been dutiful enough to her family to continue working at the inn without outward complaints for their sake.

Though never previously particularly interested in pursuing an adventuring career, Matilda leapt at the chance to join her brother’s newly re-established Lyte Brigade, reasoning that just about any other potential career would be superior to continuing to work at her parents’ inn — especially in light of the fact of her parents having five other children to continue working for them.

Matilda has proven a capable adventurer and qualified for her Adventuring Licence with marks above the Guild Authority’s average candidate. Subsequently, Matilda has claimed the role of the Lyte Brigade’s Assistant Captain — a position she is somewhat vexed to learn does not entail a higher rate of pay.