Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Melisa Grevling

Well, mission accomplished. 31 days of Realmgard character bios and art. We’re closing out the month with Realmgard’s favourite badger-woman academic Melisa.

Melisa Grevling

“Do either of you think I’m a raccoon?”

Art of Melisa Grevling.

Age: 32
Occupation: Professor, Special Liaison to the Porthaven Ministry of Antiquities, University of Porthaven
Likes: digging, archaeological expeditions, unicorns
Dislikes: being mistaken for a raccoon, bandits, shoes

Father: Fredrik Grevling
Mother: Ida Grevling
Sister: Gudrun Grevling

Dissertation: more than you every wanted to know about ancient women’s shoe buckles
Office: Used to be a broom closet
Seriously, though: she’s a badger, not a raccoon

Born into a family of badger Wilderlings in a small Wilderling village on the outskirts of Porthaven’s territory, Professor Melisa Dagny Grevling‘s time at the University of Porthaven was funded largely by generous donations from her family and neighbours, eager to see one of their own succeed at such a prestigious institution of higher learning. Their generosity has not been in vain. Melisa has succeeded as a student and is now beginning her career as a Professor at the University.

Recently hired to facilitate cooperation between the University of Porthaven and Porthaven’s Ministry of Antiquities, Melisa is still relatively new to the faculty of the University, a fact largely responsible for her hiring as liaison between the University and the Ministry of Antiquities. With most of the senior faculty passing on the job, there were no candidates left but Melisa.

Despite the ignoble circumstances of her hiring and the tedium of many of her duties, Melisa has resolved to make the best of the situation and give her new job the utmost care and attention. Working under the direct supervision of the esteemed Sir Chiswick von Strontlebottom, Melisa has provisioned and organised many recent archaeological expeditions within the territory of Porthaven.

Despite her introverted and prickly nature, Melisa has struck up an odd friendship with the jovial and friendly Sir Chiswick, thanks in no small part to Sir Chiswick being one of the few people in Porthaven to have never mistaken Melisa for a raccoon.