Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Pela Strahlend

Pela Strahlend

You get stepped on and run over just walking to the library, and then when you try to join a guild, it turns out You Must Be This Tall to Apply.

Pela Strahlend with her crossbow.
Age: 18
Occupation: Lyte Brigade Member, Professional Short Person
Likes: Adventure, adventure stories, traditional Dwarven handicrafts, feeling tall by comparison around children
Dislikes: Tall shelves, the phrase “I didn’t see you down there.”

Mother: Eleonora Strahlend (née Holló)
Father: Gunther Strahlend

Frequently mistaken for: a lost child
It’s not a crossbow, it’s: an arbalest
Statistically less likely to: be struck by lightning

Only child of a Goblin adventurer-turned-author and a Dwarven chef Pela Dominika Strahlend has felt out of place for most of her life. Though she lives happily with parents who have wholeheartedly supported her all her life, that they live in a city built by and for tall people, Pela often feels that she goes unnoticed by her taller neighbours, at least until they step her, trip over her, or mistake for a wayward child.

From a young age, Pela has found solace in books — though her favourite books at the Porthaven Central Library have an unfortunate tendency to be found on the taller shelves. Inspired by the adventure stories found at the Library and written by her mother, Pela decided to pursue an adventuring career.

As with most aspects of daily life in Porthaven, this has been complicated by her shortness. Many of the guilds in Porthaven have minimum height requirements.

Luckily, the recent re-establishment of the Lyte Brigade without any such requirements has allowed Pela to begin her adventuring career in earnest. That one of her new guildmates is a towering Amazon warrior is an unexpected bonus, as the possibility of finding a vantage point perched on Falcata’s shoulders allows her opportunities to experience tallness.