Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Peri Darkstone

Peri Darkstone
(née Regia)

“My family is only descended from a minor branch of the dynasty. My ancestors were never very powerful, even back when there still was a kingdom. But, yes, I am related to Queen Antiocha.”

Peri Darkstone, holding several fabric swatches and a measuring tape.
Age: 38
Occupation: Seamstress, distant royal descendant
Likes: Bold designs, elegant fabrics, learning her family history
Dislikes: plaid, shoddy stitching, people getting stains on her dresses

Husband: Jonas Darkstone
Daughter: Annie Darkstone

Most prominent client: Maria-Theresa, the Countess Dirigible
Interested to hear about: the latest fashions from Pelayo
Possibly descended from: a sea monster (don’t ask)

A distant descendant of the legendary Elf ruler Queen Antiocha, Peregrina Darkstone is the daughter of a traveller who settled in Porthaven, a fact reflected by her name — “Peregrina” means “traveller” in the Elven language. She is, however, most commonly referred to as ‘Peri’ by her neighbours in Porthaven.

As a young adult, Peri began working as a seamstress, ultimately starting her own small dressmaking operation. Though her business operates on a small scale, she has managed to several prominent clients among the gentry of Porthaven.

Peri is married to Jonas Darkstone, a professor at the University of Porthaven and is mother to Annie, as well as aunt to Kat and Dunstana Darkstone. Thank to her husband’s familial connections, Peri is tangentially connected to both Porthaven’s communities of both adventurers and pirates. Peri has herself made use of these connections to acquire rare, exotic materials and every now and then, certain pirates or adventurers find themselves on the market for a fashionable dress.

Plaid Jack Rackman, for example, frequently purchases dresses from Peri’s shops for his various love interests.

While technically a member of a famous royal dynasty (albeit one which fell from power nearly two millennia ago), Peri is a friendly an unassuming woman, though she is often noted for her regal bearing, poise, and striking beauty.

Peri is well-acquainted with her family’s long history — as far back as its supposed origin with the offspring of a sea monster — though she does not demand or expect any privilege or esteem because of it.