Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Roland von Middlesbrooke

Roland von Middlesbrooke

“Alchemy Punch!”

Roland von Middlesbrooke, posing heroically.

Age: 20
Occupation: alchemy enthusiast
Likes: Alchemy, looking cool
Dislikes: subtlety, most book learning not related to alchemy

Adopted Sister: Alda von Middlesbrooke
Guardian: Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke

Muscles: Abundant
Cool names for his moves: inexhaustible
Should probably find: a real job

Originally an orphan living on the streets of Middlesbrooke, Roland von Middlesbrooke and his adopted sister Alda were taken in by the Duke of Middlesbrooke as his wards and have since lived as members of the Duke’s household. Roland has no memory of his birth parents or the circumstances of his early life. Though not related by blood to Alda, she is the only family member he has any concrete memories of life with.

However, Roland has embraced Duke Charles and his children as his own family, viewing the Duke’s children as his siblings and affectionately referring to the Duke himself as Uncle Chuck.

Living as the Duke’s wards, Roland and Alda were provided with the finest tutors and trainers in Middlesbrooke and received an extensive classical education, though Roland showed little interest in or patience to learn much beyond martial training and alchemy — with his interest in alchemy largely stemming from his attempts to impress his beautiful female tutor.

However, Roland’s pursuit of alchemy has since developed into a thriving hobby and Roland spends most of his free time conducting alchemical experiments with his sister in Duke Charles’ laboratory. Recently, Duke Charles has begun to unsubtly suggest that Roland could (and should) perhaps consider beginning to make an honest career out of alchemy.