Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Sally Lyte

Closing out week 2 of my month-long worldbuilding exercise with the last Lyte Brigade-related character: youngest Lyte sibling Sally.

Also worth nothing, perhaps, that Amara is also a member of the Lyte Brigade, but was included last week in her capacity as Kat‘s best friend and thus a Darkstone-adjacent character.

Sally Lyte

“I—How did—W-what? Did you lose that first game on purpose? Did you just hustle me?”

Sally nods, hops down from the table, scoops up Count Bunnyescu, waves, and cheerfully skips out of the room.

Sally Lyte, holding her stuffed rabbit Count Bunnyescu.
Age: 7
Occupation: Chess prodigy/hustler, clingy little sister
Likes: Count Bunnyescu, chess, lulling her opponents into a false sense of security
Dislikes: those who fail to show Count Bunnyescu the proper deference, basil, sleeping in her own bed

Father: Theodosius Lyte
Mother: Manuela Lyte (née Mendez)
Siblings: Theodore, Matilda, Nolan, Adelaide, Rose, Henry
Cousin: Scarlet Mendez

Will abide: no slander against Count Bunnyescu
Favourite chess opening: the Gallicantu Gambol
What is best in life: Count Bunnyescu, also: crushing her enemies upon the chessboard (especially Tancred)

Youngest of the seven Lyte siblings, Sally Theodora Lyte can always be found with her beloved stuffed rabbit Count Bunnyescu close at hand and can be relied upon to demand that her beloved companion receives due acknowledgement and deference.

As the youngest member of a large, very busy family, Sally is often left to her own devices. This is an arrangement that largely suits her so long as she has Count Bunnyescu close by. These periods of solitude in out-of-the-way corners of her family’s inn have allowed Sally to practice and hone her chess skills, beginning when she found an old set of her grandfather’s tucked away in a box.

Despite her young age age, Sally has both quickly developed a deep interest and keen knack for chess. She has quickly learned that she can turn her perceived inexperience and cuteness against her opponents, invariably letting them win the first match before invariably crushing them with ruthless inefficiency in the rematch.

Her elder siblings’ reinstatement of the Lyte Brigade has given Sally access to a whole new group of opponents to try out this strategy on.

While Sally has few friends that are not a fabric bunny or her own siblings, her own family’s connection with the Darkstone family via Porthaven’s network of career adventurers has acquainted Sally with Dunstana and Annie Darkstone. The three girls are becoming fast friends.