Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Scarlet Mendez

Scarlet W. Mendez

“And you’re going to be disappointed if you think you can beat me. I’m going to be a Professor of Magicology. I could turn you into a frog before you even have the chance to blink.”

Realmgard character Scarlet Mendez, image with a different colour palette than previous images.
Age: 21
Occupation: graduate student of Magicology at the University of Porthaven
Likes: academia, magic, teasing Kat
Dislikes: being named for someone famous, wild speculation about her paternity

Mother: Mariposa Mendez
Father: seldom discussed
Cousins: Nolan, Matilda et al. Lyte

Honours: Highest
Academic Career: Promising
That’s not how you spell: “Scarlett”; fortunately, her name is ‘Scarlet’ (one t)

Presenting a keen intellect and impressive magicological aptitude from a young age, Scarlet William Mendez had a turbulent early life, though not solely thanks to having the middle name “William” — owing to the influence of the famous pirate Scarlet William Fitzpatrick on her mother’s early pirate career.

As the daughter of a single mother working as a pirate, the earliest years of Scarlet’s life were highly migratory and Scarlet’s first permanent home was with her aunt, who took in Scarlet while her mother continued to advance her piratical career.

It was Scarlet’s aunt her first fostered and encouraged Scarlet’s scholarly and magic interests, though her mother did send money back to ensure Scarlet would never want for new books or magical instruments.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scarlet has little interest in following her mother — and, she assumes, her father — into a career in piracy. This is something she has in common with Kat Darkstone, one of her longtime friends. In fact, Scarlet’s mother Mariposa Mendez and Kat’s father Dorian Darkstone are both longtime members of the Brotherhood of the Coasts, and were once involved in a brief but torrid love affair. Scarlet, however, has assurances from both parties that she is not Kat’s secret older sister.

The identity of her father continues to elude Scarlet.

Scarlet is currently enrolled in the University Porthaven to study Magicology, though she will often step out of her office (a welcome change of scenery, given that she is sure her office used to be a broom closet) to assist the Sisters Darkstone on their adventurers.

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