Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Skragsgar the Slayer

Skragsgar the Slayer

Perpetually masked and cowled, often complimented on his soulful eyes.

Skragsgar the Slayer with a sword and dagger.
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Masked pirate, man of intrigue and mystery
Likes: intrigue and mystery, dark corners, his fans and admirers, cats
Dislikes: public speaking, divulging personal information

Parents: Unknown, but he presumably didn’t just spring out of a rock one day…

Affects an air of: brooding mystique
Has surprisingly pretty: eyes
Always makes time for: his young fans

One of several prominent masked pirates currently operating among the Brotherhood of the Coasts, Skragsgar the Slayer (assumed to be an alias) is renowned among his peers as a man of mystery and contradiction — though some speculate that it is, in fact, a woman underneath that mask and cloak or that several different individuals have adopted the identity of Skragsgar the Slayer over the years.

Despite his tendency to speak to his fellow pirates only when spoken to and even then only briefly and tersely, Skragsgar is always magnanimous to his fans and admirers and is one of the most popular pirates of the Brotherhood with the general public both due to his general air of mystery and for freely signing autographs.

Similarly, Skragsgar is well-known for his ferocity in battle and has his deeds frequently exaggerated to the point of making the truth of his career difficult to discern — he is, for example, reputed to have captured fifty enemy ships in a single battle.

Despite this fearsome reputation, Skragsgar is known to be nothing but gracious and friendly with the general public and displays an open affinity for small animals, particularly cats.