Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Tancred von Ivanhoe-Hauteburg

Sir Tancred von

“Splendid. Allow me to introduce myself. I have the great, grand, privileged honour of being: Tancred Gildas Mallory Astolfo Ambrosius Winnifred Perceval Galahad Cervantes Orlando von Ivanhoe-Hauteburg.”

Tancred, pondering the marble bust of Cousin Eleutherius.
Age: 19
Occupation: Lyte Brigade Member, Knight, Unwilling Genealogical Expert
Likes: Chivalry, noble upright conduct, swords
Dislikes: His grandfather’s “help” in learning the family history, his mother’s “help” in shopping for clothes, that one bust of Cousin Eleutherius in the hallway.

Father: Margrave Viscart von Ivanhoe-Hauteburg
Mother: Margravine Katarina von Ivanehoe-Hauteburg
Grandfather: Frederick, retired Margrave of Ivanhoe-Hauteburg

Noblesse: oblige
Pressure to live up to the family legacy: daunting
More middle names: than an octopus has arms

Only son and heir of the current Margrave and Margravine von Ivanhoe-Hauteburg, Tancred Gildas Mallory Astolfo Ambrosius Winnifred Perceval Galahad Cervantes Orlando von Ivanhoe-Hauteburg comes from a long line of noble and accomplished ancestors. While descended primarily from the nobility of Middlesbrooke and Porthaven, Tancred can also claim descent from prominent Pelayan and Gallicantien families.

As the son of a prominent margrave, Tancred is entitled to a knighthood and is properly Sir Tancred etc, etc von-Ivanhoeburg. However, at this point in the family history, such a knighthood is primarily honorary and brings with it little true privilege beyond the prestige such a title brings with it.

It is nevertheless a constant reminder of Tancred’s noble lineage.

This is a fact of which Tancred is acutely and inescapably aware, thanks to the ceaseless efforts of his grandfather. Having abdicated the responsibilities of the margravate, Tancred’s grandfather Frederick has since devoted his time to chronicling the family history and subsequently relaying said history frequently and at length to Tancred.

While Tancred is happy to honour the legacy of his illustrious ancestors, he is not quite so enthused about that legacy to honour it for hours at a time with his grandfather’s lengthy lectures.

Also, he is convinced that the eyes on the bust of Cousin Eleutherius are following him around the room…

Fortunately, his recent recruitment into the Lyte Brigade has allowed Tancred to contrive excuses to be as far away from these lectures as possible. That he finally has an opportunity to begin making his own name is merely a pleasant bonus.