Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Timaea


Art of the pirate Timaea.

Overall an elusive figure in the piratical, Timaea is inevitably closely associated with Captain Willim Newgate — so much so that, despite the dearth of historically verifiable information, it is usually taken for granted that the two were romantically involved.

That William Newgate had a female Elf among his crew and she she was named Timaea is not controversial. Just about every other aspect of her biography is. The issue is further muddled by folkloric embellishments being added to the story of her life in the following generations.

Popularly, Timaea is depicted as a tragic heroine, falling in love with the dashing William Newgate only to be torn apart and lose him forever through his capture and execution.

There is no record of Timaea ever being herself tried for piracy, so it is generally agreed that she retired to a life of obscurity and generally respectability. Frequent but entirely unsubstantiated rumours tell that Timaea was both entrusted by William Newgate with the locations of his buried treasures and was married to him in secret shortly before his capture, being pregnant with his child when he was executed.

Ultimately, there may only be speculation about Timaea’s fate after the death of William Newgate.

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