Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Wulfbert & Wulfhild Utlagg

Wulfbert the Handsome

“Wulfbert the Handsome would like to tell you about the fiercest and best-looking bandit in not just all Realmgard, but the whole wide world of Terrace.

It’s him.”

Wulfbert the Handsome, a muscular man in armour with long hair holding a pouch of money and a sword.
Age: 30
Occupation: Bandit, good-looking individual
Likes: plundering, larceny, pushing other people around
Dislikes: book-learning, law, dirt

Father: Wulfhere Utlagg
Mother: Wulfrun Utlagg
Sister: Wulfhild Utlagg

Sword: Quite large
Scruples: Very few
Sticks together: with family

Descended from a Middelmerish bandit outlawed and exiled to the continent, self-professed best and best-looking bandit in the entire world of Terrace, Wulfbert the Handsome got his start as a successful thief stealing a pig from a farmer two towns over whom he viewed as having cheated his parents in their previous business dealings.

He quickly took the next step in becoming an infamous bandit by beating up that same farmer when he came to reclaim his pig.

Since then, Wulfbert has assembled a sizeable company of bandits, cementing his leadership over the others through sheer force of personality and just plain sheer force.

Primarily active in the northeast regions of Realmgard, Wulfbert and his bandits have attacked unwary travels, pillaged unguarded settlements, and raided numerous ancient ruins and tombs, thanks in large part to the extensive historical knowledge of his younger sister Wulfhild.

Though Wulfbert has little in the way of formal education and minimal interest in such academic learning himself, he recognises his sister’s university training as a key asset to his company. Lacking the patient temperament for surveying and excavating ancient ruins, Wulfbert can nevertheless not deny that the treasure dug up from these ruins are a much quicker path to riches than stealing pigs from hapless farmers…

Infamously otherwise vicious and unscrupulous, Wulfbert does operate with a certain code of honour, primarily where his sister is concerned. Althrough Wulfhild’s insistence on methodically searching ancient ruins for any and all hidden treasures often tries his patience, betraying or abandoning his own family is a line that not even the truculent and underhanded bandit would ever consider crossing.

Wulfhild Utlagg

“Miss ‘I-Graduated-from-Oxfjord-and-I-Have-a-Real-Degree’ seems to think there’s something important under all this dirt, and Wulfbert grudgingly admits that she’s probably right.”

Wulfhild, studying a piece of pottery with a magnifying glass, wearing a University of Oxfjord shirt.
Age: 24
Occupation: Bandit, researcher, treasure hunter
Likes: history, treasure, her alma mater
Dislikes: fighting, claims that the University of Porthaven is a real university

Father: Wulfhere Utlagg
Mother: Wulfrun Utlagg
Brother: Wulfbert the Handsome

Leaves the violence to: Wulfbert
Wrote her thesis on: Late Middle-Major Realmgardic Period funerary art
Nothing but contempt for: the University of Porthaven

A proud graduate of the University of Oxfjord, Wulfhild Utlagg followed her older brother into the life of a bandit. Though retaining a distaste for violence even after years as a bandit, Wulfhild was nonetheless enticed into banditry by the prospect of the fortune and glory waiting to be uncovered in the ancient ruins dotting the landscape of Realmgard.

Infinitely more diplomatic than her brother and maintaining an extensive network of fences and collectors with little regard for ethics or legitimacy in acquiring historical artifacts, Wulfhild is relied on by the other bandits to organise the sale of whatever their company is able to plunder from either an abandoned ancient site or a hapless victim.

In return, Wulfhild leaves the majority of the acts of wanton violence to be committed up to the other bandits. Considering herself first and foremost a scholar, Wulfhild views the more violent aspects of banditry as crass and ill-suiting a woman with a degree from the prestigious University of Oxfjord.

Able to remain cool, collected, and level-headed in most situations, the University of Porthaven — longtime academic rival of her beloved Oxfjord — is something of a sore spot for Wulfhild, ranting and raving about the clear inferiority of the University of Porthaven at the merest mention for her alma mater’s bitter rival.

The presence of a member of the University of Porthaven’s faculty in her immediate proximity is one of the few things able to goad Wulfhild to violence and when fighting for the honour of Oxfjord, Wulfhild will be possessed a ferocity and ruthlessness surpassed only by her brother’s.

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