The Tales of Realmgard

This page contains the list of all the finished Realmgard stories. All Amazon links to Canadian Amazon (given that I’m Canadian), but my stories are all available on most, if not all, other international Amazon sites.

There’s no particular order in which to read them, though some stories do make fairly minor references to things from earlier stories.

Expect this list to grow as more stories are finished and become available.

Fryte’s Gold, featuring the Sisters Darkstone.

The Treasure of Oake Island, featuring the Sisters Darkstone.

The Bandits of Goldharbour, featuring the Sisters Darkstone.

The Sisters Darkstone, collecting the first three stories into a single volume.

The Valley of Appraisalfeaturing the Sisters Darkstone.

Forward, the Lyte Brigade, featuring the members of the Lyte Brigade (shocking, I know).