March 2023 Daily Writing Exercises

The first month-long writing exercise of 2023:

March 1:

All About Realmgardic-Period Epigraphy

A drawing of a tablet with Linear B pictograms.

March 2:

All Work and Noh Plays Makes Kat Something, Something.

A Japanese hannya mask.
Image via Wikimedia Commons, from the collection of the Tokyo National Museum via ColBase: Integrated Collections Database of the National Museums, Japan: online database. Licensed under Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use (Ver.2.0) & Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International.

March 3:

Waltzing, Matilda, and Preposterously Large Cookies

"Court Ball in Vienna" by Wilhelm Gause
Court Ball in Vienna: Wilhelm Gause.
Image via Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

March 4:

Nolan Falls A Lot

March 5:

Pirates — Truly, the Implicitly-Trustworthy Sort

A plaid curtain.
Photo by Erik Mclean on

March 6:

“Observe this!”

A pile of corks.
Photo by Isabella Mendes on

March 7:

The Trial of the Two Sages

Two doors.
Photo by Anna Galimova on

March 8:

The Return of Weasel Girl Returns

People petting a weasel.
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

March 9:

Life is What Happens When We’re Busy Trying to Eat an Entire Roast Chicken…

A roast chicken.
Photo by Lukas on

March 10:

Kat vs. a Man from Hrimfax

An envelope.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

March 11:

The Art Gallery of Middlesbrooke
The Nile mosaic of Palestrina, with the rhinoceros indicated in a red circl.
Image via Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

March 12:

Enter, the Marchioness Martburton-Burtonburton

A row of books.
Photo by Negative Space on

March 13:

(dated, informal, US) I am your partner; I will join you; I will work with you; I will fight you; I will dance with you.

A berry plant.
Photo by Sena on

March 14:

Truly, a fabulous Freenbird

A parrot.
Photo by Werlley Meira on

March 15:

Amara vs. Fishing

A dock.
Photo by Leigh Patrick on

March 16:

And you call them the WOLF Knights, despite the fact that they’re an Elf, a Fox, and a Dragon?

A dragon statue
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

March 17:

Happy Trabled Day

Hugh Frazer's painting "Battle of Clontarf."
FYI: That’s Brian Boru dying in the tent in the front left.
Battle of Clontarf: Hugh Frazer. Image via Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

March 18:

Florianne Slashes Prices, Bad Guys

Hands holding coins.
Photo by RODNAE Productions on

March 19:

She Just Thinks They’re Neat

Several potatoes.
Photo by Pixabay on

March 20:

“And I think this crate you’re forcing me to sit on is giving me a splinter in my —”

But, Cousin Amy.”

A mural painted to look like market stall.
Photo by Shann on

March 21:

“It’s a chicken, innit?”

A painting palette.
Photo by Daian Gan on

March 22:

The Crossword Expedition

The sea at sunset.
Photo by Marius Gauthier on

March 23:

“Kat! I just shanked a guy!”

A person eating a shank of meat.
Photo by ENESFu0130LM on

March 24:

That Feeling When Your Favourite Female Character Was Created by a Man

A quill.
Photo by RODNAE Productions on

March 25:

Exactly the Right Amount of Cowbell

A photo of a cowbell. Released into Public Domain by the original author.
Image via Wikimedia Commons. Released into Public Domain by the original author.

March 26:

Planning a Rescue —also, several fires

A prison cell.
Photo by Jimmy Chan on

March 27:

Amara vs. Bandits, Broom Closets

The door of a derelict building.
Photo by Mikey Dabro on

March 28:

The Delicate Art of Causing Corn to Pop

Photo by Megha Mangal on

March 29:

Ten Thousand Maledictions on Raisins

A bowl of raisins.
Photo by Antoni Shkraba on

March 30:

Allow the Four Horsemen of Castle Ansangaar to Dance for you the Dance of Their People — and then several other dances

Three women dancing.
Photo by Pixabay on

March 31:

Closing out the month with the “#SubLunarRealm” Hat Trick

A boar.
Photo by Tudor S on

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