The Treasure of Oake Island

Copyright 2021 J.B. Norman

The second Realmgard story, featuring Kat and Dunstana, the Sisters Darkstone.

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The cover of the Realmgard story "The Treasure of Oake Island."

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Dunstana Darkstone grinning and giving a thumbs-up.

Chapter 1

A heraldic image: a red wolf on a blue background.

The field of archaeology, as Dunstana understands it, involves digging around in ancient ruins, or lost cities, or haunted mines, or other places that haven’t had people in them for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Chapter 2

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There are, in fact, no oak trees on Oake Island…

Chapter 3

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“Stupid bush.”

Chapter 4

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“They’re hornets!”

Chapter 5

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Kat expects to see a few things typical of most of the caves she’s explored in her time as an adventurer.

As it happens, they find none of those things…

Chapter 6

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Jonas and Dunstana are starting to hate the sound of rickety old floorboards creaking underfoot.

Chapter 7

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Since she lives the hectic life of a Darkstone, it’s really just another Wednesday.

Chapter 8

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“Torpedo fish? You really think people would take a crew called the Red Torpedo Fish seriously?”

Chapter 9

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“Really, what is luck?”


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“Yeah. That’s great. I love you too, man.”

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