Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Celeste Anselm

Celeste Anselm

“I haven’t been your tutor for years, Roland. You don’t have to still call me Miss.”

A picture of Celeste Anselm.
Age: 25
Occupation: alchemist, tutor, shopkeeper
Likes: tutoring aspiring alchemists, Alda, Skremmler’s Combustible Powder
Dislikes: being called “Miss”

Father: Herman Anselm
Mother: Violetta Anselm

Tutoring references: numerous
Working on a monogram about: The applications of Skremmler’s Combustible Powder
Soft spot for: horses

Half-Elf daughter of two alchemists, Celeste Anselm has spent her recent years working as an alchemy tutor in Middlesbrooke, helping to educate many promising young alchemists, most notably Roland and Alda, the wards of the reigning Duke of Middlesbrooke. Although she has not been their tutor for years now, Celeste remains close to Alda and Roland, a source of inspiration and admiration for the former and the object of the latter’s ongoing, but as yet unspoken infatuation.

When not tutoring younger alchemists in their studies, Celeste pursues her own studies, hoping to make groundbreaking discoveries in the field in the near future.

Celeste is also an active member of the Ducal Alchemical Society of Middlesbrooke and is well-connected with many other alchemists in the Duchy, often supplying them with the finest alchemical ingredients and equipments from the alchemy store owned and operated by her parents.