Merry Christmas to All

[Insert clever, holiday-themed byline here.]

So, kind of a long day. And a pretty slow day where Realmgard stuff is concerned.

Troll: “A supernatural being of varying size, now especially a grotesque humanoid creature living in caves or hills or under bridges; to sing the parts of in succession, as of a round, a catch, and the like; also, to sing loudly, freely or in a carefree way.”

I was never going to get anything noteworthy done today, though I would like to point out that Forward, the Lyte Brigade is live on Smashwords and as an ebook on Amazon (Canada, USA). I’m hoping to have the hard copy version submitted to Amazon tomorrow and I’ll post links again once all the different versions are live.

Now that I have a moment to myself, I’d like to wish you all my readers a very merry Christmas and/or generic winter-related festivities.

Stay safe, stay happy, and don’t forget to breathe.

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