WIP: A Newer, Better Porthaven

A bad first draft of a better map.

As I recall, my first attempt at a map of Porthaven was one of the very first pieces of Realmgard art I ever posted.

It was… not great.

Gah! My eyes!

But, like, that was four and a half years ago. I’d like to think I’m better at art now. Also, I got a drawing tablet for Christmas — it isn’t necessarily improving my art per se, but it’s definitely simplifying the process of making art.

I like doing maps. Largely because doing maps of Realmgard and Terrace that reflect the style of maps that existed during the period of real world history that corresponds to where I envision Realmgard’s culture and technology to be (more or less the 1620s; more broadly, the front half of the 1600s) is the best way to cover for my own artistic shortcomings.

All of that is to say, I’m giving the map of Porthaven another try:

So far, all I’ve got is the line art, and I think I need to give it another go.

But I do think I’m both sufficiently better at drawing in general and better read-up on what the city maps from this period actually look like that I’ll be able to pull it of. Eventually.

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