RealmgArt: Preliminary Sketch of Petra

One amaze-zon (Troll-)Amazon.

Petra, a blue-skinned woman standing with her arms crossed.

I wanted to take a break from doing my daily writing scenes, and since I’ve been writing, or at least thinking, about the Three Ladies of Middlesbrooke, I decided to give drawing Petra a go.

I think she turned out better than Lucia, but the process of cleaning up my drawings’ line art still eludes me.

Those blue things on her face and arms are supposed to be, like, bits of rocky exoskeleton, or something. I’m not quite clear on how to represent the idea visually.

A reminder that Petra is half-Troll and Realmgard Trolls are if not made of living rock, at least possess an affinity for rock and stone.

For reference of what I was going for, take a gander at Zelgadis from Slayers — who is part rock golem (magically, not naturally).

A screenshot of Amelia and Zelgadis from "Slayers".
He’s the blue one.
Slayers Revolution: J.C. Staff and Funimation.

With February winding down, I’ll probably focus more on getting more art done, including the cover of Charge of the Lyte Brigade.

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