RealmgART: The Faces of Realmgard

Yesterday’s picture, as improved by a stubborn, stubborn man.

Portraits of 31 Realmgard characters.

Once I realised that last version of the 31 faces wasn’t as good as it could have been, I got stubborn and decided that I had to fix it.

The problem was that I miscounted one of my rows and that threw off the whole thing. In the end, it was easier to just to restart than go back and fix it. So, here’s a better version.

I’m also somewhat vindicated that it is possible to divide 31 (which is, in fact, a prime number) fairly neatly into groups of fours and fives.

Also, I might try to upload the full-sized version of that picture at some point, but either WordPress as a platform or my own home Internet doesn’t like uploading big files and I’ve never been able to upload a big image.

I’ll need to look into that more.

So, yeah: more art here, you can read up on those characters here, social media and email list here:

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