Lyte Brigade WIP: Matilda

A better Matilda Lyte.

An in-progress image of Matilda Lyte.

I still think my best Matilda yet was the one giving Sally a piggyback, though that Sally wasn’t very good.

This attempt still has issues with the, uh, issues of stuff like angle and proportion (I think her arms are too long) and hands are just the worst, but I like the pose, I like the expression, I like that her hair is three miles long.

Going forward, I don’t think I need to really change up what Matilda looks like, I just need to get this Matilda better.

I’m expecting to have the group shot of the Lyte Brigade done sometime tomorrow, but in the meantime, the first chapter of Forward, the Lyte Brigade went live earlier today:

So, look forward to that.


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