WIP: The Basis for the Definitive(ish) Map of Realmgard

Note: Blue is Water.

I’ve mentioned several times now that I like drawing maps. Specifically, I’m trying to replicate real maps like the Catalan Atlas, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, and the Piri Reis Map.

I’m better at this than I was when I started — as tends to be with most things, but I’m still not quite satisfied on how I replicate the colours and textures of the techniques and materials in these original maps. I think to get a better grasp of how to do that digitall.

On the other hand, I’m finally satisfied with how the landmass of Realmgard (once again, Realmgard is the continent; Terrace is the world). I might fudge with the proportions to make it a little more wide and a little less tall, but the shape is right.

This is eventually going to replace the map that is currently my header image, but not until the details are fleshed out: things like the cities being marked out and those little flourishes on old maps like sea monsters and personifications of cultures and geographical regions.

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