RealmgArt: DunSanta and Katrampus

A happy Krampusnacht to all!

In the Old Country, and elsewhere throughout Europe, the Feast Day of St. Nicholas is a big deal. And, in fact, the whole gift-giving thing is more associated with December 6 than with Christmas itself, at least for kids.

On the other hand, the feast of St. Nicholas is preceded by Krampusnacht on December 5. It’s, uh, basically the opposite end of the spectrum.

Whereas St. Nicholas (generally a distinctly different figure from Santa in Europe; in Slavic countries there’s also third, a more general Winter-related guy whose named translates to something like “Grandfather Frost”, and St. Nicholas has other regional companions) gives gifts to well-behaved children, Krampus stuffs the bad children into a big bag and carries them off.

So, anyway, in the spirit of the day, here’s Santa Dunstana (Dunsanta, if you will) and Krampus Kat.

Dunstana dressed as Santa. Kat dressed as Krampus.

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