The Progress Report of Middlesbrooke

How much brooke could a Middlesbrooke middle, if a Middlesbrooke could middle brooke?

So, I’ve kinda fallen behind on the final edits of The Alchemist of Middlesbrook thanks to some pressing real-life concerns — mostly job hunt related stuff, nothing particularly grim.

I have one more pretty important job interview tomorrow, but as of tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have more free time in my schedule — unless and until I end up getting the job — so I’ll be able to turn my attention back to Alchemist.

In terms of editing and formatting, I think I can get that done before Easter. Logistically, though, I may have some more things to work out that will take a bit long.

Quick reminder that I’m going to make Alchemist available as a free ebook and I’m still looking at the best ways to do that.

If all goes well, it should be a Spring release.

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