Siblings Day

In the spirit of the day, allow me to re-introduce the Sisters Darkstone

In addition to April being Autism Awareness Month (though not in Canada)—


— today, April 10, in addition to being the Feast Day of Fulbert of Chartres, is Siblings Day.

So, in the spirit of the day, allow me to re-introduce the Sisters Darkstone:

Dunstana Darkstone

Art of Dunstana Darkstone by Cole McMullin.
Art by Cole McMullin. Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

Captain Dunstana Felicity Darkstone is the young scion of a long line of pirates and the most recent successor to the legacy of the famous Guillaume d’Arquestone.

Thanks to the piratical influence of her father in her earliest formative years, Dunstana’s chosen career was likely inevitable from the very beginning.

That she won her very own ship during Porthaven’s annual Foundation Day raffles was merely a formality, though it stands as the clearest sign of Dunstana’s long-running streak of uncanny good luck.

Armed with her trusty wooden sword, cork gun, and big sister and seemingly blessed with inexhaustible good luck, Dunstana has made herself a fixture of Porthaven’s Dock District and has earned at least the grudging respect of most of the city’s other pirates.

However, Realmgard’s pirates are a proud and contentious lot, and some particularly stubborn, old-fashioned pirates are reluctant to acknowledge a ten-year-old girl as a legitimate member of the profession. Dunstana is, of course, resolved to prove these doubters and naysayers wrong.

Kat Darkstone

Art of Kat Darkstone by Cole McMullin.
Art by Cole McMullin. Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

Gifted with physical prowess and towering stature from a young age, Kat has recently qualified for an Adventuring Licence from the Guild Authority of Porthaven. Currently, Kat is working as an unaffiliated freelance adventurer in and around Porthaven.

While between jobs, Kat helps out at her grandparents’ store, the Winfield and Sons Emporium, one of the most venerable establishments in Porthaven’s Outfitting District.

Much to her chagrin, Kat often finds herself being a reluctant pirate in all but name. As the big sister of one of Porthaven’s most noteworthy up-and-coming (ten-year-old) pirates, Kat often has no choice but to chase after Dunstana as she plunges headlong towards adventure trying to make a name for herself as a pirate, leaving Kat as something as an official unofficial member of the Porthaven Raiders.

The latest Sisters Darkstone is underway in The Treasure of Oake Island. You can catch up on the most recent chapter here:

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