Encyclopedia Realmgardica: The Ten Most Worthy Women

The Ten Most Worthy Women — a translation of the Elven “Decem Dignissimae” — are regarded as the foremost heroines in the history of the Amazons. Foundational figures in the early centuries of Amazon history, the Ten have been honoured by the Amazons for their contributions in being made the eponymous figures of the cities of the Amazon Decapolis.

A stylised depiction of the Amazon Decapolis.
Seen in highly stylised fashion here, meant less to a geographically-accurate map and more as an artistic depiction.

There is no agreed-upon or standardised numbering of the Ten, among the Amazons or elsewhere and lists are generally not ranked in any manner — though, as with most groups of prominent individuals, arguments over which one is best are common.

Red-figure art of the Amazon Kyniska.
  • KyniskaLady of Cavaliers: remembered as a peerless cavalier and a famous breeder and racer of champion horses. Won battles and races all over Realmgard. Many later famous horses are either actually descended from the horses of her herds, or at least claimed to be. Historically, the Amazons have gifted their trusted allies with these famous horses.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Fulminata.
  • Fulminata — Thundering Conqueress: a general of the Amazons who created the first organised Amazon army, decisively repulsed an massive invasion of the Amazon lands. After her retirement military affairs, she wrote numerous treatises on warfare, and one about landscape painting. Her tactics and books are still widely studied and the military training which all Amazon girls still undertake is largely based on her manuals.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Sibylla.
  • Sibylla — Mistress of Secrets: the right-hand woman of her older sister Fulminata. Used her magical skills to great effect during Fulminata’s campaigns, playing a pivotal role in several battles. Famous in her own right as a prolific magicological scholar and innovator. She is also known for training several magically-adept young Amazons during her lifetime, beginning with the daughters of Fulminata.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Eudaimonia.
  • Eudaimonia — Queen of the Wise: widely regarded both as the finest philosopher ever produced by the Amazons and a hugely influential thinker and scholar throughout Realmgard at large, and remains widely-taught in schools all across the continent. Established the first library in Amazon territory and travelled far and wide to fill it with books.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Galea.
  • Galea — Daughter of Instruction: daughter of Eudaimonia. Continued her mother’s scholarly work and founded numerous school and academies to complement the Amazons’ physical and martial training. Her teaching methods were both embraced by the Amazons and have spread widely throughout Realmgard.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Lorica.
  • Lorica — Burning Hammer: unanimously praised as the greatest female blacksmith in the history of Realmgard and lauded as one of the greatest regardless of gender. She forged weapons and armour used by many famous Amazon warriors. Her surviving works are viewed as priceless masterpieces and have been the object of attempted thefts, duels, generations-long feuds, and nearly a few wars.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Theophano.
  • Theophano — Broken Sword: famous for her role in mediating disputes that arose between Amazons and remembered for her role in the development of the Amazon law code and regarded as a major figure in the history of law in Realmgard as a whole. Said to have single-handedly prevented a civil war among the Amazons with her patient good humour and ability to foster compromise.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Thalatta.
  • Thalatta — Wandering Soul: said to be the first-ever Amazon shipwright and sailor. While the Amazons have always lived in a coastal area, widespread use of ships is poorly attested in their early history. Built the Imperatrix (a word generally translated as “Empress”, but actually meaning something closer to “[female] commander or leader”), the ship that made her famous. Remembered as an explorer, merchant, and skilled naval combatant. Several prominent female pirates have subsequently claimed her as an ancestor.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Bellona.
  • Bellona — Most Righteous Comandress: the last High Queen of the Amazons. Willingly abdicated and reorganised the previously centralised, monarchical society of the Amazons. Known to be just and honourable as both a monarch and a military leader, which contributed to the acceptance of her radical reforms. In ceding power to local community leaders, creating the Decapolis in its earliest form.
Red-figure art of the Amazon Eurydice.
  • Eurydice — Foremost Artist: a multi-talented artist. Lacked fighting ability, but overcame initial derision and scorn to become famous as a singer, dancer, musician, actress, and playwright. The Amazons hold an annual festival in her honour, holding performances of her classic works, as well as allowing aspiring artists the opportunity to debut their own works. In being taken up as something of a patron saint of the Arts all across Realmgard, she is likely the best-known of the Ten in Realmgard at large.

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