Fryte’s Gold

Copyright 2021 J.B. Norman

The first Realmgard story, featuring Kat and Dunstana, the Sisters Darkstone.

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Chapter 1

A gold coin with the image of a dolphin, waves and nine circles.

Kat Darkstone would like to tell you about her sister.

Chapter 2

Little girl pirate Dunstana Darkstone, looking pretty cool in a green pirate outfit.

It seems like the Sisters Darkstone have their latest adventure looming ahead of them.

Chapter 3

The view from inside a cave looking out to the sea. Pixabay on
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“But Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. You said you’d go adventuring with me today!”

Chapter 4

Looking down a flight of stairs in an old mine. Photo by Julia Volk on
Photo by Julia Volk on

“There’s rats.”

Chapter 5

An old book with a red ribbon lying on a table. Photo by Wendy van Zyl on
Photo by Wendy van Zyl on

“I think I’ve figured out where we are.”

Chapter 6

The iron bars of a prison cell in an old hallway. Photo by Cameron Casey on
Photo by Cameron Casey on

Kat sighs wearily. Why does Captain Fryte hate her? Why do all his doors need to be locked, barred, and surrounded by traps?

Chapter 7

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Inexplicably magical rooms tend to be a Bad Thing.

Chapter 8

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The entire room shakes. The room shakes again. And again.

Chapter 9

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“There is yet one more battle to be fought.”

Chapter 10

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“The truest pirate also looks out for his own and holds his crew dearer than anything else in the wide world or the endless seas.”

Chapter 11

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Kat decides having Dunstana for a sister it isn’t such a bad thing, at least not always. It guarantees her life is very rarely boring.


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Whenever she and Kat get back from an adventure, Dunstana always looks forward to telling her best friend about it.

And not just because there’s usually cookies — that’s just a bonus from having a best friend from a family of bakers.

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