Quick Update: Good News

I’m two steps ahead of me!

I returned to working on revising Forward, the Lyte Brigade. Turns out it’ll be ready a little sooner than I anticipated.

Turns out I’d actually already done most of the formatting work before I started having other things to deal with, and promptly forgot that I did.

Man, I love it when a plan thing I did, but then forgot about comes together.

And, like we’ve seen already, the cover is already well underway:

An in-progress version of the new cover of "Forward, the Lyte Brigade".

There are still things to do, but they’re relatively easier and faster.

Unless something big comes up, which I don’t except is going to happen, there’s no reason why the new version of Forward, the Lyte Brigade won’t be submitted (and probably be available for purchase) before the weekend is over.

In the meantime, follow me on social email or via my weekly emails:

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Success! You're on the list.

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