RealmgART: The Two Capitolinas

The patron goddess of the old Elven Empire and subsequently the region of Natalis.

Since the next story I’m working on prominently features a character from Natalis, I’ve been working on fleshing out the details and history of Natalis — which is Realmgard’s Italy more or less at the period of the Renaissance.

At this point, the goddess Capitolina is shaping up to either either of the major gods or the most important god worshipped by the Natalians and essentially functions as the tutelary deity of the region — perhaps not unlike Sothis from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Essentially, she’s a remnant of Natalis’ imperial past, originally the patron deity of the ancient Empire’s capital city (hence, the name; but also deriving from the real-life Capitoline Hill in Rome) and by extent, the whole Empire.

She’s an Elf; is wearing what is basically a toga praetexta, a symbol of Roman magisterial authority; holding an eagle (another borrowed real-life Roman symbol) and a shepherd’s crook to represent the ancient Elves’ view of themselves as the rightful guides and protectors of the rest of Realmgard.

The version of her on the left is meant to look like an ancient fresco. And the version of the right is meant to look like the emblem on a vexillum, a Roman battle standard — the background colour is the closest digital approximation of Tyrian Purple I could manage.

Tyrian Purple is, of course, the colour associated with Roman and Byzantine Emperors and is, incidentally, made of crushed snails

A quick reminder that I’m posting the second chapter of Fryte’s Gold tomorrow.

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