RealmgART: The Emblem of Middlesbrooke

Working on a story set in Middlesbrooke, inevitably working out the details of the history of Middlesbrooke.

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, the next Realmgard story is well underway.

I’m about a third of the way through a first draft and have a pretty decent grasp of where I want to go with it.

If you’ve missed any of those mentions, I will be moving my focus from in and around Porthaven to the Duchy of Middlesbrooke, which originates from several of my daily writing exercises from October and February.

So, since Middlesbrooke has been on my mind a lot lately, I did what is a least a preliminary version of the emblem and/or flag of Middlesbrooke:

The emblem of Middlesbrooke: a throne on a red background, a river on a green background, and a bust of Emperor Theobald on a blue background.

On the left, that’s the throne of the Duke of Middlesbrooke, based on the real-life coronation throne of the Duchy of Carinthia (a deliberate choice; Carinthia encompassed a decent chuck of Slovenia, which is where my family’s from).

In the middle is the river — the brook, if you will — that Middlesbrooke is named after. At this point, I haven’t decided much more about the river beyond “it exists”. It’s going to need a name at some point in the near future…

On the right is a depiction of Emperor Theobald, modelled on the Bust of Charlemagne. Now, Theobald’s not necessarily a one-to-one Fantasy version of Charlemagne, but the influence is definitely there. Theobald unified most of central Realmgard into an empire in the same way Charlemagne unified most of central(ish) Europe.

And, admittedly, the Charlemagne angle is why the current Duke is named Charles — Charlemagne meaning, of course, “Charles the Great” (“Big Chuck” to his friends).

All in all, Middlesbrooke is inspired by real-life countries like Luxembourg and Liechtenstein: small, prosperous monarchies that managed to outlast the empires they were previously constituent fiefs of. Though, Middlesbrooke is markedly more Anglophone, largely as a result of thinking up the name before any of the history or culture…

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