Encyclopedia Realmgardica: The Theobaldian Empire

A brief history of the empire of which Middlesbrooke is the proud successor.

A map of Realmgard illustrating the territory of the Theobaldian Empire.
Imperial territory in solid purple, protectorates and tributaries in stripes.

First rising to prominence towards the end of the Elven Empire, the migrating tribes that settled in central Realmgard came to be known, perhaps, unsurprisingly, as the Midlanders and played a notable role in the late Empire’s history alternating between allies and rivals to the Elves.

Following the decline and fragmentation of the Elven Empire, the disparate Midlandic tribes consolidated into an independent kingdom with its capital at the site of what is now Middlesbrooke. This kingdom would form the nucleus of the later Theobaldian Empire in the following centuries.

A series of campaigns by several energetic sovereigns culminating under Theobald saw the Midlandic kingdom expand into the largest polity to exist in Realmgard since the fall of the Elven Empire several centuries prior, ruling directly over much of the middle regions of Realmgard and establishing many other regions as tributaries or protectorates of his Empire, known to history as the Theobaldian Empire.

The influence of the Theobaldian Empire continues to be felt in Realmgard, particularly in the central regions of the continent: the aid of Midlandic soldiers was crucial in the rise of the kingdom of Pelayo; Lambert, the first king of a unified Gallicantu was a descendant of Theobald; the continued independence of the Sacred Republics of the Sea of Origo is largely owed to the Republics being taken on as an protectorate of the Empire; and the ruling Dukes of Middlesbrooke both trace direct descent back to Theobald and continue to rule in the city that was previously his capital.

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