Lyte Brigade WIP: Amara

Seen here, as always, standing in front of a watermelon.

Amara, with her hands on her hips, standing in front of a background that looks like a watermelon.

Now, my in-progress group shot of the Lyte Brigade is clearly going to be the most demanding piece of Realmgard art I’ve ever attempted, not just because my first attempt at this version of Amara was a complete disaster.

The second attempt (i.e. this one) was much better and this is probably the best Amara I’ve done so far.

This is Amara in her adventuring gear rather than a dress, largely inspired by the outfit Maribelle from Fire Emblem Awakening, who was a pretty significant influence on Amara’s character in general.

However, I clearly forget that Maribelle has much less poofy shoulders than I remembered (she is, in fact, wearing, like, a shawl that covers her shoulders that I misremembered as poofy shoulders).

Also, I think this Amara’s face might be too small for her head, but the previous version’s head was too big for her face and this one looks miles better. Also also, it’s hard to make blonde eyebrows clearly visible on a character with fair skin. Going forward I should probably just make them smaller but darker…

Stay tuned for the final version of the group shot of the Lyte Brigade, which I’ll hopefully have ready in time for when Forward, the Lyte Brigade starts getting posted right here —

Dunstana Darkstone, going for the cheap pop.

— on!

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