RealmgART: Dunstan-Heh


So, I neglected to mention it in my recent discussion of the stuff I’ve been watching, um, recently, but I’ve also been watching Spy x Family (the x is, I understand it, silent and indicates something like an “and”).

If you’re into anime, I probably don’t need to do much to introduce Spy x Family.

But if you’re not into anime, the short version is that it’s originally a manga and has been adapted into an anime that has quickly proven one of the most popular of the Spring 2022 anime season. The plot is that an undercover spy adopts a telepathic orphan and fake-marries an assassin so said spy can prevent an international crisis by getting close to a warmongering politician by using said telepathic orphan to become friends with said politician’s son at a prestigious private school.

You should watch it. It’s great.

For the purposes of this post, I digress.

Spy x Family has graced us with several memes, perhaps most notably, Anya’s (the telepathic orphan) “Heh.” Face, seen in the thumbnail below:

So, anyway, here’s an attempt at Dunstana’s “Heh.” Face:

Dunstana smirking and saying "Heh."

I banged this one out pretty quickly, and didn’t quite get it right, but I think it’s a valiant first attempt. With more time and practice, I think I could get it pretty close to Anya.

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