RealmgART: The Esteemed Sir Chiswick von Strontlebottom

Introducing Porthaven’s eminent Minister of Antiquities. And his equally-eminent ‘stache.

A picture of Sir Chiswick von Strontlebottom: a fat, bald man with an enormous moustache.

Here we see Sir Chiswick von Strontlebottom, Porthaven’s Minister of Antiquities — and also his stupefying facial hair. And just in time for his looming introduction in Charge of the Lyte Brigade.

Now, the general “Fat, Bald, Huge Moustache” theme owes a debt to the design of Dr. Robotnik (I refuse on principle to call him “Eggman“; the principle being that it’s a dumb name), but the resemblance pretty much ends there, given that Sir Chiswick is very much non-Evil.

The hard part was not making him look too much like Dr. Robotnik. Also, the positioning of the a hand twirling the ends of a moustache is a nightmare.

Hands, man.

Also also, I’m not quite sure I pulled off the glare on his head. It looks less like reflected light and more like some weird skin thing…

Quick authorial note: “Chiswick” is a real district of London (the cool one, not the Canadian one). That one is pronounced like “Chiz-ick”.

I was not consciously aware of the real-life Chiswick when I came up with this character, so he’s not meant to be named for or like the real place. His name is pronounced “Chiz-Wick.”

I’m hoping to have updated, improved art of the various important Charge characters up soon.

In the meantime, follow along here:

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