Another Editing Kind of Day

Progress to report.

So, I didn’t well (or enough) last night and lot a late start today, but on sum, I’ll probably be less productive than I would have liked.

A woman slumped over a desk in exhaustion.
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On the other hand, I’m basically done laying out the new version of The Sisters Darkstone. I may give it one more once-over to make sure things like everything being probably intended are settled, but it’s almost ready to get uploaded on Amazon.

I’m still inwardly debating what I want to do for the cover, but I think I’m settling on pulling a Thanos and doing it myself.

Realistically, I think I can get it all sorted out in time for it to theoretically be available for Christmas, but Amazon shipping for this sort of print-on-demand thing has historically been a little iffy.

Stay tuned.

Also, I finished the first round of edits on Alchemist of Middlesbrooke yesterday. I’m thinking one more read-through to proofread before working on the layout. From there, it’ll be making its way onto Smashwords, which is the easiest way as this point to make it readily available for free.

Stay tuned for that, too.

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