A Week of Music to Write Realmgard to:

Mostly Folk Metal, some singing Japanese robots…

Now, I’ve been doing little write-ups about my writing playlist, such as it is, since the Fall.

I also started off the year with a week of seven more write-ups, which you can re-acquaint yourself with so far:

January 1: Kontakion of the Mother of God

A mural of the siege of Constantinople
The Siege of Constantinople (apparently conflated with the 1453 Fall of Constantinople) depicted in a mural at Moldovița Monastery, Romania. Photo by Man vyi, via Wikimedia Commons, released into the Public Domain by the original author.

Hope you like millennium-old Greek Church Music, because we’ve got a hymn in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s miraculous intervention saving the city of Constantinople.

Listen to it as included in the Civilization VI soundtrack here.

January 2: Ieva’s Polka

Orihime from Bleach twirling a leek.
Bleach: Pierrot and Viz Media. Video via Tenor.

A heavy metal version of a Finnish folk song that became a popular mid-2000s meme when paired with an out-of-context clip from one of the most successful animes of all time.

Listen to it performed by Finnish Folk metal band Korpiklaani in English here and in Finnish here.

January 3: Wanderer

A crossroad in a forest.
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Melancholy, introspective Folk Metal, thematically broad enough to apply to basically every Fantasy hero.

Listen to it performed by Finnish Folk Metal band Ensiferum here.

January 4: Senbonzakura

Cherry trees in bloom in front of Himeji Castle.
Photo by Nien Tran Dinh on Pexels.com

Brought to you by singing Japanese robots. Originally performed by iconic singing robot Hatsune Miku here, and covered by the humans of Wagakki Band here.

January 5: Totentanz

Composed, I believe, when Liszt shoved his piano down several flights of stairs…

Performed for solo piano by Valentina Lisitsa here, and for piano and orchestra by Bertrand Chamayou and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra here.

January 6: The Lullaby of Takeda

Two women in kimonos walking down an alley in Kyoto.
Photo by Satoshi Hirayama on Pexels.com

Not the Takeda you’re thinking of. It’s a neighbour in Kyoto and the song is a lament from the point of view of the lowest classes of Feudal Japanese society. So much so that the potentially controversial sociopolitical angle meant it was banned from the Japanese national broadcaster until the 90s.

Listen to it performed on shamisen by the Yoshida Brothers here.

January 7: Santiana

The flag of Mexico.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

A traditional sea shanty either praising or mocking (I honestly can’t tell) Mexican General and President Antonio López de Santa Anna. Doesn’t let a little piddly thing like Historical Accuracy get in the way of a catchy tune.

Listen to it performed by British a capella group and TikTok sensations The Longest Johns here, or by Irishman in a Nice Sweater Colm R. McGuinness here.

Full disclosure, I really just wanted to included the phrase “Irishman in a Nice Sweater”…

I’ll be adding more Music to Write Realmgard to regularly as time goes on, and I’ll have enough to put together a proper playlist before too long, so stay tuned.

And, of course, read Chapter 1 of Fryte’s Gold here:

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