Writing Every Day in March: Day 8

The return of Weasel Girl returns.

To recap: Addie (short, of course, for Adelgundis) — likes weasels, is Kat’s self-professed apprentice. Sebastian — best weasel, likes Kat’s pockets.

“Addie,” Kat says the girl in the red cloak. “This is Annie and Melisa. Annie’s my cousin. And Melisa’s a Professor at the University who works with my uncle.”

The girl nods and greets Annie and Melisa.

“And his is Addie,” Kat tells Annie and Melisa. “She’s my… I don’t know what she is. Apprentice, or something I guess.”

“I have elected to learn the adventurer’s trade from Miss Darkstone,” the girl in the red cloak says. “I look forward to working with you.”

“Gah!” Kat cries, nearly jumping out of her skin as Addie’s pet weasel peeks out of her vest pocket.

For some reason, the awful little thing has decided that it wants to ride with Kat, sequestering itself in one of her pockets.

“And that,” Addie explains. “Is Sebastian. He is my favourite. He is the finest of weasels.”

“He’s so cute!” Annie exclaims.

Addie turns her attention to Melisa.

“And you, I do believe, are a badger Wilderling,” she says. “How wonderful. I’m quite fond of badgers as well. They’re quite similar to weasels.”

Sebastian pops out of Kat’s pocket and chitters enviously before turning to Melisa and hissing at her.

“Gah!” Kat cries in surprise again. “Stop doing that!”

“Oh, hush, Sebastian,” Addie chides her pet. “You should know I wouldn’t dare to replace you.”

The weasel seems mollified and settles back down into Kat’s pocket.

Addie turns back to Melisa. “I do hope I’m not being too forward,” she says. “But I do believe I quite like you, Professor Grevling.”

“Yeah. I guess I like you, too,” Melisa admits.

“Splendid. Then we shall be friends,” Addie says.

“Yeah. Most people think I’m a raccoon when they first meet me,” Melisa explains.

Addie blanches and gasps in horror. Sebastian pops out of Kat’s pocket to do what she assumes is the weasel equivalent of gasping in horror.

“The audacity of them!” she exclaims. “Badgers and raccoons aren’t even related!”

Kat puts a calming hand on her… apprentice’s shoulder.

“Bring it down, Addie,” she bids gently. “Nobody here thinks badgers and raccoons are related. You’re fine. It’s fine. Just breathe.”

“Forgive me, Miss Darkstone,” Addie says contritely. “Thank you for that reminder.” She takes a deep breath. “You’re right of course. It’s galling, but it can’t be helped now.”

“She’s right, though,” Annie interjects. “Raccoons aren’t related to badgers.”

“It’s been established since Apollodorus Leonorios compiled the results of King Anselm’s Great Taxonomising,” Addie explains. “Which, of course, sought to catalogue and organise all the animals of Realmgard.”

“She’s right about that, too!” Annie says. “Raccoons and badgers are in completely different families!”

Kat blinks dumbly at Annie and Addie.

Perhaps sensing her confusion, Sebastian once again pops out of Kat’s pocket and attempts to console her by nuzzling against her cheek.

“I, uh,” Melisa mutters. “I don’t do that. At least not before somebody buys me dinner first.”

“Awww,” Annie says. “He’s so cute!”

“Well,” Addie asks the others. “Shall we be off? Sebastian, I’m expecting you to continuing protect Miss Darkstone.”

Boom. Weasel Girl’d.

Also, the weekly recap of the first, um, week of daily scenes will go live later tonight.

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