The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 28

"Though lasting a century (technically, 105 years, 9 months, and 3 days), the conflict was in fact a period of intermittent warfare between the two kingdoms fought in various phases interrupted by temporary truces and treaties."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 27

"What exactly spurred Artemio’s change of heart is unknown, and different sources give different accounts: a vision of the goddess Creusa, the castigation of his elderly mother, a debate with a priest, or even hitting his head on a low doorframe."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 26

"Located in the northernmost region of Realmgard beyond the historical borders of the Elven Empire, what is now the Kingdom of Aurora nevertheless has had longstanding contacts with the lands of the Empire throughout its history, established by the efforts of intrepid merchants and travellers."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 25

"Northgate’s governing council ceded authority in all matters during the siege to the Grandmaster of the Order, Jehan Septentrion. Despite being 70 years old at the time, Septentrion led an energetic defence of the city, making the Haakon’s fleet pay bitterly for every inch of gained ground, and even defeating several of Haakon’s captains in single combat."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 23

"Dating back to at least the Realmgardic period in its earliest form and destroyed, abandoned, rebuilt, and re-settled countless times over the centuries, the imposing fortress now known as Castle Ansangaar has long been recognised as a place of significant magic power."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 22

"Though the Realmgardic period saw the emergence of writing on the continent, it took scholars generations to begin deciphering the Realmgardic script and many of the surviving Realmgardic documents are administrative rather than narrative. The process of decipherment and translation is ongoing."