Preview Chapter: The Bandits of Goldharbour

In anticipation of the release of the next Realmgard story, The Bandits of Goldharbour (ETA towards the end of August), here is a preview chapter, allowing you to get to know the pair of scoundrels known as the Bandits of Goldharbour. ***************************************************************    As the citizens of and visitors to Goldharbour go about their lives of luxuriant [...]

Free Preview Chapter: Fryte’s Gold

Presented for your perusal is the first chapter of the first Realmgard story, Fryte's Gold, which is available for purchase on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats, which can be found at this nifty Internet link: And an additional preview can be found here: Fryte's Gold: A Tale of Realmgard © J.B. [...]

Re-Preview: Fryte’s Gold

One of my earliest posts was posting a preview chapter of Fryte's Gold. In lieu of having very little new to report, I decided I may as well re-post that preview chapter.      Last night before bed, Dunstana told Kat to meet her today in the dockside pub. Since Katherine Hortensia Darkstone is nothing if [...]

Preview: The Treasure of Oake Island

I'm in the process of finalising the next Realmgard story, once again featuring the Sisters Darkstone. In this story, Kat and Dunstana join their uncle and cousin, two of the premier archaeologists in Realmgard, to follow a lead to Oake Island in search of the buried treasure of Captain William Newgate. Currently, my tentative release [...]

Preview: Fryte’s Gold

Like I said before, I'm in the process of finalising Fryte's Gold, the first Realmgard story for publication. And, like I said before, I have no idea how long that's actually going to take beyond saying "Second half of May, probably". In the meantime, so you actually have something to read and so you'll know what [...]