The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 17

"Over time, however, and in the face of growing external threats from neighbouring kingdoms, the Dwarves and Goblins began to move towards conciliation and alliance, first initiating a loose alliance intended primarily for mutual defence in the face of foreign invasion and culminating in the establishment of a dual monarchy."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 16

"A longtime territory of the Elven Empire, though historically disconnected from the majority of Imperial affairs due to its remoteness and rugged terrain, the Land of the Phoenix was first occupied by the ancestors of the Amazons during the fragmentation and fall of the Elven Empire, arriving as a largely female community of refugees from the Elven heartland."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 14

"The single largest wave of settlement from Hrimfax occurred during a period of intense volcanic activity on the island, rendering much of the island uninhabitable and forcing a massive exodus from the island. The largest group of refugees was led by the twin chieftains Helgi and Hunding, who turned their attentions to the vast fertile lands of the Kingdom of the Gallicantu."

The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 10

"The Midlandic Kingdom reached its zenith under Theobald, who completed the Kingdom’s conquest of approximately a quarter of Realmgard’s landmass, securing control of the largest polity in Realmgard since the collapse of the Elven Empire."