The New Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Dunstana Darkstone

Here to collect Princess Moonflowers and kick shins. And she just completed her collection.

“Normal little girls don’t pretend to be reasonably successful pirates. But, then, strictly speaking, neither does Dunstana. She is a reasonably successful pirate.”

Art of Dunstana Darkstone by Cole McMullin. Gamerart_Cm on Twitter and Instagram.
Art by Cole McMullin. Gamerart_Cm on Twitter and Instagram.
Age: 10
Occupation: pirate
Likes: adventure, treasure, Princess Moonflower
Dislikes: boredom, quiet, doubters
Father: Admiral Dorian Darkstone (retd.)
Mother: Estelle Darkstone (née Winfield)
Sister: Katherine H. Darkstone

Hat: nice
Princess Moonflower Collection: plentiful
Here to: collect Princess Moonflowers and kick shins. And she just completed her collection.

Captain Dunstana Felicity Darkstone is the young scion of a long line of pirates and the most recent successor to the legacy of the famous Guillaume d’Arquestone.

Thanks to the piratical influence of her father in her earliest, Dunstana’s chosen career was likely inevitable from the very beginning. That she won her very own ship during Porthaven’s annual Foundation Day raffles was merely a formality, though it stands as the clearest sign of Dunstana’s long-running streak of uncanny good luck.

Armed with her trusty wooden sword, cork gun, and big sister and seemingly blessed with inexhaustible good luck, Dunstana has made herself a fixture of Porthaven’s Dock District and has earned at least the grudging respect of most of the city’s other pirates.

However, Realmgard’s pirates are a proud and contentious lot, and some particularly stubborn, old-fashioned pirates are reluctant to acknowledge a ten-year-old girl as a legitimate member of the profession. Dunstana is, of course, resolved to prove these doubters and naysayers wrong.

Or at least settle for kicking them all in the shins in the interim…

Dunstana will be the first to admit that she couldn’t have accomplished all she has by herself — even with her uncommonly good luck. She has a secret weapon. A secret weapon named Kat Darkstone. With the aid of her big (both age-wise and height-wise) sister, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome, nor tall shelf that cannot be reached down from.

In addition to being a pirate captain of note, Dunstana is also the self-professed greatest fan of magical transforming heroine Princess Moonflower, and the treasure she found thus far in her career is surpassed only by her collection of Princess Moonflower dolls — which, as far as Dunstana is concerned, is the real treasure.


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