Writing Every Day in February: Day 5

Bruna & the Pink Foxhound and the Sisters Darkstone.

Today is a follow-up to yesterday’s post and an opportunity to explore Bruna and the Foxhound in a little more depth — at least insofar as that’s possible in 500 words.

Like I said, the two characters went through several changes before this point. Originally, they were both males and a lot more transparently based on Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, but then I decided to experiment with them being a man and a woman.

Originally the Foxhound was the female character — hence, “Pink Foxhound” and the character who eventually became Bruna (whose name I never really managed to definitely nail down) was the male. Ultimately, I decided to make the barbarian the woman and the short one the man because I thought that making the big, strong, combat-oriented one the woman was a decent way to play around with the whole ‘Big One, Little One pair’ archetype.

Plus, I thought the whole idea of him being the Pink Foxhound because he accidentally washed his white clothes with something red was a pretty funny origin story. At least more interesting than “female equals pink.” Also, that he’s the Foxhound is a sort of oblique reference to the Gray Mouser, at least insofar as he’s also named for an animal intend to hunt other animals — a mouser is a cat that hunts mice, a foxhound is… well, self-explanatory, really.

Anyway, here’s the story.

Now confident that she is not, in fact, being kidnapped by the two adventurers, Kat Darkstone sets up from Bruna and the Foxhound from the landward gates of Porthaven.

As they travel, Kat stares thoughtfully at the short, hooded adventurer.

“I have to ask,” she says, her curiosity gets the better of her, “why pink?”

The short man glances back at Kat from beneath his hood. “Once, I was the White Foxhound,” he explains. He cocks his head toward the towering barbarian woman, “until someone decided to toss her red cloak into my laundry. And thus, the Pink Foxhound was born.”


“There is a lesson here, lass,” he continues, “always wash like colours together.”

“Couldn’t you just buy more white clothes?” Kat asks.

The Foxhound shrugs. “They may be pink, but they’re still perfectly good.” He nods at Bruna again. “Besides, she says she likes them this colour. And we all must make sacrifices for those we love.”

Love?” Kat repeats.

He nods. “We’re married. Didn’t she tell you?”

“No,” Kat answers. “She just sort of kicked down my front door and grabbed me.”

“Yes. She is rather impulsive. I do apologise,” the Foxhound mutters.

“But, hey, a job’s a job, right?” Kat offers.

The Foxhound chuckles. “Spoken like a true mercenary.”

As she follows after the two veteran adventurers, Kat shifts her pack on her shoulder. She doesn’t remember it being this heavy. All she packed was clothes and a few adventuring supplies, but it feels like she’s hauling a bag full of rocks.

At the head of the group, Bruna turns around and looks at her. “Are you well, Kat?” the barbarian woman asks.

“Yeah. Just having a little trouble with my pack,” Kat answers.

“We can stop here for the night,” Bruna offers. “We’re in no rush.”

The three stop and decide to set up camp for the night. Bruna sets up their tents while the Foxhound gets a fire going. Meanwhile, Kat turns her attention to trying to sort out of her pack.

She sets it down and undoes the buckle. “Gah!” she exclaims, tumbling backwards as a red blur leaps out of her pack.

“D-Dunstana?” Kat stammers

The little pirate surges up like a shark going after a seabird on the waves. “Hi, Kat,” she says, between gasping in deep breaths of air.

“There is a girl in your pack,” the Foxhound notes, moving beside Kat.

“Is she friend or foe?” Bruna asks, reaching for her axe.

Dunstana looks up at the two adventurers. “Hi!” she says. “My name’s Dunstana! I’m Kat’s sister. That’s a big axe! Can I feel your muscles? Those robes look comfy. Why are they pink? Is pink your favourite colour?”

.“What are you doing here?” Kat asks.

“I’m coming with you!” Dunstana says happily.

Kat’s heart sinks.

“Mom is going to kill me,” she groans.

“Are you kidding? This was her idea, Kat!” Dunstana exclaims, climbing out of Kat’s pack and hopping to the ground with a dramatic flourish and a ‘Ta-da!’

Dad is going to kill me,” Kat groans.

This one came relatively easily, largely because it’s stitched together from ideas that I’ve already had fairly well thought out. Not a whole lot more to say about it.

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