RealmgART: The Latest Attempt at Dunstana

A newer, better Dunstana Darkstone.

Following up on yesterday’s post of a new Kat, here’s a new Dunstana:

Dunstana Darkstone with her sword and gun.

Overall, I”m sure her proportions are still a little wonky, but this is probably the best Dunstana I’ve ever done, up to and including hands that actually look pretty decent.

Basically, the general concept of Dunstana’s appearance is “kid dressed like Captain Morgan,” which isn’t necessarily easy to draw, but is pretty easy to visualise because Captain Morgan is bascially every pirate ever (and, in fact, named for a real pirate).

I don’t think I’ve ever drawn Dunstana in the same colour twice, working under the assumption that she owns more than one coat.

I think her boots are too big, but I actually think I want to lean into that going forward. I kinda like the whole “kid wearing her dad’s shoes” aspect and I think it fits pretty well for a ten-year-old pirate.

Also, if you’re concerned about Dunstana running around with a gun, please do keep in mind that it’s not a real gun. It shoots corks.

Also also, there’s no major significance to the green background. That’s just there because it was easier to work with than either a transparent of pure white background and I used green because it’s easy on the eyes and since there’s not a lot of green in the rest of the image.

Stories here, art here. New chapter tomorrow.

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