RealmgART: Two New Sisters Darkstone

Strictly speaking, new ART of the same Sisters Darkstone as always…

Kat and Dunstana, ready for action.

The new art of Kat and Dunstana, together at last!

I won’t bother going over the quibbles I have with these two drawings (again), other than to say I still have them.

As for the depiction of both of them together, I might just be that Kat’s pose and positioning make it hard to judge correctly, but I think Dunstana is too short. Kat looks like she’s two Dunstanas tall, where she should be close to a Dunstana and a half — I believe my exact words in Fryte’s Gold were “one Dunstana sitting on another Dunstana’s shoulders.”

More proof that I need to figure out how to do proportion well, I guess.

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