Writing Every Day in August: Week 1

The results of writing every day for a week.

Again, I haven’t been working in the best work environment since yesterday, so I kinda forgot/didn’t get a chance to post the first week of my August writings, so here they are:

August 1 – Dude Manguy: Two Kids in a trench coat, or actual person?

August 2 – Dunstana does Cards good, also, Dude Manguy Strikes Again

August 3 – Because “You’re My BFF” is also a perfectly valid form of Love

August 4 – “#SublunarRealm

August 5 – A slumber party

August 6 – More than you ever wanted to know about the Sandwiches of Realmgard

August 7The Lyte Brigade sits down to a lovely quiche

Also, as bonus/reminder here’s today’s again:

One week down!

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