Writing Every Day in August: Day 10

The two Addies.

It is, you’ll recall Cottage Week. But today was actually pretty busy.

The short version is that my godmother, her daughter, and granddaughter live close enough to where my family’s renting a cottage to visit for the day.

So, I’ve been pretty preoccupied and haven’t had a chance to sit down and write until tonight. The good news is that this scene came pretty easily. The bad news is that I’m tired and the commentary for today’s scene is going to be lacking.

Basically, I got another chance to write about Weasel Girl, and I think I’ve ended up making her older than I originally envisioned her…

Kat and her two — well, she isn’t sure just what they are, apprentices? sidekicks? minions? — new friends set out on their first adventure together.

When Adelaide Lyte took her Adventuring Licence test, Kat somehow ended up as the one helping her through the Valley of Appraisal, even though Adelaide has two older siblings who are adventurers in their own right, members of a guild with four other people who would make for sense as Adelaide’s helper in the Valley of Appraisal than Kat.

This is probably Amara’s fault.

“Oh, Adelaide,” she probably said, “you simply must get Katherine to help you. After all, she’s ever the dauntless Valkyrie.”

Kat isn’t quite sure how Adelgundis the Weasel Girl fits into this. She’s friends with Adelaide and managed to get an Adventuring Licence of her own. Since then, Kat is the one they’ve decided to latch onto as a mentor, despite the fact that Kat is barely older than either of them.

Kat has never really been a mentor before, but she has been Dunstana Darkstone’s big sister for ten years.

Six of one, really.

So here they are: Kat, a publican’s daughter, and the Weasel Girl of Lockcroft House, together at last. Plus one favourite weasel.

“This is most invigorating,” Adelgundis declares happily. “I have never been on an adventure before. And how are you feeling, Sebastian?”
Sebastian peeks out from Kat’s front pocket and chitters happily at his mistress. For her part, Kat is still getting used to having a weasel riding along in the pocket of her vest. For some reason, the weasel had hopped down from his usual perch on Adelgundis’ shoulders and promptly settled himself in Kat’s pocket and is quite insistent that he will remain there for the duration.

Kat’s also getting used to Sebastian’s owner telling her more than she has ever wanted to know about weasels. And to being the most senior adventurer in a group. And that group consisting of two girls named Addie. And to one of those Addies being named Adelgundis.

And most of everything that has happened in the past few hours, really.

This is not how she expected to spend her Tuesday. Though, on further consideration, this is probably not the weirdest day Kat has ever had. Thank you very much, Dunstana.

“Thanks for letting us come with you, Miss Darkstone,” Adelaide says.

“You don’t have to call me Miss,” Kat says. “I’m only a year older than you.”

“Yes,” Adelgundis notes, “but you are now our respected mentor in the profession of adventuring. It is only fitting.”

“It really isn’t” Kat mutters. “And — Oh, sweet Powers! What is he doing?”

Sebastian has once more popped out her pocket. He is now shoving his face into Kat’s face, gently rubbing his — admittedly pretty cute — little nose against Kat’s cheek.

“Gah!” Kat exclaims as the weasel begins licking her.

Adelgundis does an excited little hop and claps her hands. “How lovely!” she exclaims. “He likes you, Miss Darkstone! Sebastian isn’t usually so affectionate with strangers!”

“Yeah,” Adelaide agrees. “He’s always trying to bite Nolan.”

This is definitely not how Kat expected to spend her Tuesday.

“I do believe we can expect him to start grooming you before too long,” Adelgundis says.

Grooming me?”

You now the drill:

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