WIP: A New Melisa for Fall 2022

New art of your favourite badger-person and mine.

Melisa Grevling from the neck up.

So, to celebrate the start of a new Realmgard story in Charge of the Lyte Brigade, here’s a new attempt at the story’s Special Guest Star: your favourite badger-person and mine: Professor Melisa Grevling.

Mostly, I think my art has improved with my giving up on attempting to make my digital art look hand-drown in an actual medium, rather than digital. Trying to make line art that looked it was done with pencil without actually knowing how to do that just ended up looking bad.

This looks obviously digital, but better overall.

I guess the possible exception to that rule is her fur (i.e. her ears and the streaks on her cheeks and bangs), but I wanted it to look like, well, furry…

And, hey, since we’re on Charge of the Lyte Brigade, why not catch up on the two chapters so far:

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