WIP: The Definitive(ish) Map of Realmgard, Part 1

Progress on the map of Realmgard continues to progress.

An in-progress map of Realmgard.

The previous map is coming along. There’s not that much commentary for this point, other than perhaps I haven’t given myself enough room to out down flags on all of the places I’ve previously established to be places in Realmgard — for example, these ones.

I’m not really sure how much I can do about that, though. My computer can’t really handle working on huge Affinity Photo files, so I’m worried by computer suddenly exploding if I push my luck.

But, also, we could just admit that not all those places are particularly important…

Also also, this is basically the easy part. All of the places that are on this map so far are the places I’ve established as important enough to be on the map and that I’ve actually written enough to have worked out where they’re supposed to be.

At some point I’m going to need to establish where places like Aurora and the Dwarf-Goblin Kingdom/Empire/Whatever are supposed to be.

And what their flags look like…

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