Writing Every Day in March: Day 15

The Lyte Brigade goes fishing.

Today’s scene, abridged version:

The Simpsons: 20th Television Animation and Gracie Films.

Nolan has decided that the Lyte Brigade’s next team-building exercise should be fishing, so the six young adventurers have come to one of the docks at the Porthaven harbour to cast their lines.

Ugh,” Matilda groans, half-heartedly casting into the waters of the harbour. “This is the most boring thing we’ve ever done as a guild.”

“I disagree, Miss Matilda,” Tancred says. “Having to guard that freshly-painted house was much worse than this.”

“I can’t believe we got paid to literally watch paint dry,” Pela says.

“Come on! You guys are no fun,” Nolan insists.

“No,” Matilda protests. “Fishing is no fun.”

“Well, look at Amara,” Nolan says. “She’s really getting into it!”

Amara, determined to excel at fishing, just as her noble birth compels her to excel at everything, is intently gazing into the water, ready to hone in on the slightest sign of a bite on her hook.

While the other members of the Lyte Brigade are using hooks and lines, Falcata favours casting her spear into the water attempting to skewer something.

“That’s a big spear,” Pela notes. “Are you trying to catch a shark?”

“No,” Pela answers, keeping one eye on the water. “I don’t like the texture of shark.”

“Oh, that’s — Wait. What? You’ve actually eaten shark before?” Pela asks once she’s picked her jaw up off the dock.

“I travel a lot,” Falcata notes. “I can’t always afford to be a picky eater.”

“I caught one!” Pela exclaims suddenly. “I caught one!”

The pull of the fish on the other end of her line begins dragging Pela towards the end of the dock.

“Uh oh,” she mutters. “Guys! Help!

The other members of the Lyte Brigade rush to Pela’s aid, grabbing onto her and then each other to pull against the fish pulling against Pela.

“I think this thing is bigger than me!” Pela says.

Struggling against the combined might of the Lyte Brigade, the big fish leaps.

Up over the dock.

And straight into Amara.

“Gah!” she cries, losing her footing, teetering precariously on the edge, then tumbling straight into the harbour.

“Should we help?” Matilda asks.

“Don’t look at me!” Pela protests. “The water’s, like, a me-and-a-half-deep! Tancred’s tall, he should get into there.”

“I have a rope,” Falcata offers.

With a great gasp and surge of water, Amara breaches like a Turboshark. And, like, a Turboshark, she has her prey in her grasp, holding the big fish by its tail — providing a modicum of revenge for this latest indignity.

“By. The. Powers!” a sodden Amara exclaims. “I. Hate. You. All.”

“Are you alright?” Nolan asks.

“Oh, yes, Nolan,” Amara answers bitterly. “Perfectly fine. Positively exuberant. Just wonderful, Nolan.”

Her lips begins to quiver and her make-up starts to run on her face.

“No, I am not alright!” she shrieks. “That should be obvious! You dropped me into the harbour!”

She tosses the fish up on to the dock.

“And here’s you infernal fish!” she continues, beginning to storm back to the dock’s ladder. “You’re welcome!

Sorry for the delay for today’s scene. I have a job application that needs a writing sample that’s due Friday, so I’ll be a bit preoccupied today and tomorrow.

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